My name is Klaudia Schenkels, I am 26 years old and currently residing in Amsterdam. I originally hail from Tilburg, which is where I completed my studies in Spatial Design  at De Rooi Pannen. Currently I am studying Production Design at the Dutch Film Academy  , which I hope to complete in 2019 .

Having always been interested in  film and theatre (production) design, the choice for these two studies wasn’t too difficult to make. During my time at De Rooi Pannen I have gained valuable work experience at K&S Decor in Breda. This company specializes in prop making and decoration for theme parks and zoos.        I have also trained at Vorm & Decor, a Rotterdam-based company specialized in set design for theatre productions, museums, festivals and interior.  After graduation I was offered a full-time employment, which I gladly accepted.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my years at Vorm & Decor, I wanted to expand my horizon. This led to me auditioning for Production Design in 2015. Being a third-year student, I am now specializing/specialized in the following fields: prop design + making, concept art, miniatures and art direction.

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